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Collaborators can't add/change links in Link block (when in Editor)

All link blocks in my site seems to lack the ability to change its links or even add links for my Collaborators. Can someone advise why is this happening? Even in Designer, the Editor Settings says only the text can be edited.

Is this supposed to behave like this? I remembered that Collaborators should be able to change the link as well.

Public Link:

Hey @alexanderwong great point! I moved this from the Bug category to the Wish List category as this is more so a Wish List item to have this feature in the CMS Editor. Thank you very much for posting this!

For real? So it wasn’t possible at all? Now that’s a bummer.

Please do add this asap. Much needed feature. :slight_smile:

Not yet, but I’m glad that you made this post @alexanderwong, thank you!

If possible you could make a dynamic list for those links where the link is editable via a Collection? :smile:

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I could, but it’s a bit over-kill for that section. As it’s something we won’t update like forever. But this also goes for other link blocks too. Like a button for an entire page section.

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