Cannot edit link block in editor

When placing an image inside a link block, in the client facing editor the client is only able to edit the image and not the link. When hovering over the link block only the image icon appears to edit the image, the cog icon does not appear anywhere for the client to edit the link element.

Read only link:

Live link:

Gif showing current behavior:

Expected Behavior: The client should be able to edit both the image and the link (eg where the link points to) in the client facing CMS editor.

Hey, we’re getting the same problem with our websites. The link blocks are not showing the little edit icon when we hover in the editor. We even tried an empty link block (no images, no text in it) but still doesn’t show up. Any ideas?

Hi @rayssaDakis and @justin_c, thanks for your post.

Unfortunately, Webflow does not support the ability to edit the links of link blocks in the Editor.

If you redesign this and use a Div instead of a link block and then place a button or regular link instead, then it the editors will be able to edit the link links.

The Link block link can still be edited in the Designer.

Hey, thanks for replying.
Is this something new? Because we were able to make these changes before…
We can’t really use a div for what we need. A div would only work for a call to action button. But we need the link blocks to create buttons with images and text in it. (see bellow)
Is this something that will eventually be fixed? Or is this the way it’s going to be now?


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Hi there, thanks for your reply. Yes this is somewhat new, maybe a few months, the reason this had to be disabled is due other technical changes in the editor.

This may be re-introduced in the future, but I cannot give a timeline on that yet. For now the link block will need to be set in the designer and only text links and buttons can be edited in the Editor.

I have let our team know that this is important for your clients, when I have more info, I will respond back with new info.

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Yes please make it so you can edit link blocks again. I’ve had this issue with multiple clients and I guess now we have to go in and change every type of link that uses a link block. :woozy_face:

Hey, consider voting for this to be reintroduced:

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Chiming in here as someone who would really like to see this re-enabled.

There is also an official article explaining this feature and how it works here.

Seems a bit misleading to leave this up even though the feature has been disabled…

Hey! Also working on a site for a client which is the cornerstone of their business and they really require that feature, else they have to contact me every time they need to change a link via the main page.

No point in having a link box if its unusable by our clients

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@Andre_Jordan if your project has a CMS you may be able to “CMS-ify” the content that you need editable links for as a temporary workaround. Not ideal but this did solve the issue for me.

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