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Style Manager: Locating a style easily

Hello there.

Locating a style in the style manager can be very challenging. Is there a way to easily get to a particular style in the list without having to scroll through the entire list.

Its always quite frustrating to have to scroll through the list just to make a name change to a style. If not, then you might want to consider adding this feature, maybe like a filter field to help narrow down the list displayed.

Great work you are doing here!

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I think that they are currently working on a new right sidebar concept. But, yes this is really frustrating.

I’ve commented on this elsewhere but I’m coming back out of frustration. The style manager is no manager at all, it’s just a random list with no order or means of ordering, pretty pointless really. I’m spending ages scrolling up and down to rename and organise my styles when it should be a quick and straightforward job.