Unable to create a redirect loop

When setting up the navbar I initially linked one of the buttons to a page (network ferret). I changed this page name to (old nf page)… created a new page and named it (nework ferret). Then, I linked the nework ferret page to the same button. On the design page, everything looks like it is set up to work well, however, when I test the website, the same button links to the old nework ferret page

When loading the page it looks like webflow is redirecting to the correct page but it sill sends the button to the old network ferret page.

How do I fix it?

Thank you in advance!

The preview link: Webflow - Altman Tech

Live link: https://www.altmantech.com/

The first place to check is your site level redirects. Webflow automatically creates redirect entries in certain slug-change situations.