Button linked to page gives me a 404 page not found

website link: https://www.slingermade.com/

I made a new freelance page. And deleted the old freelance page.
On my homepage I changed a button to link to this new page.
In preview mode this works.
But when published it links me to a 404 page not found page.

I notice that the URL of this 404 page is still the old page URL. So it seems that the button the button keeps linking to this old URL although I did change it to the new URL.
old URL: https://www.slingermade.com/freelance-old-en
new URL: https://www.slingermade.com/freelance
How to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Did you try to delete your browser cache before testing?

And can you share your read-only link so we can see the webflow project?

here is the read only link:
read only link

I already cleared the browser cache indead.

I fixed it by creating another new page and copying everything to this by page by making it a symbol first. Dragged it into the new page and unlinked instance from symbol.

It seems to me that the 404 page not found is a webflow bug.