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Unable to add pages even after deleting some

As above, anyone knows how to resolve this? I’m currently on a free plan but i plan to upgrade once i finish working on my website. And if this doesn’t get resolved i’m going to drop webflow.

Hey Kiat :smiley:

As far as I understand, you can only have two static pages per project with the free account plan. Can you share a screenshot or read-only link with us, so we can get a better understanding of what is happening?

I don’t have any screenshots, I used a template that had 6 Pages. This one:

Deleted 4 and unable to add any. If the limit is 2 why was I able to use and even publish the template in the first place

That is a good question… You shouldn’t be able to according to them:

If you only plan on using Webflow for this website, I would recommend that you get a site-plan. Then you should be able to add as many pages, a custom domain and much more in the project. (please do double check this)

Hope you find a solution :smiley:

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thanks david :grinning: guess i have to pay first then

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