Adding pages bug

I’ve created a site on webflow for my portfolio. I took a free template and start designing it. It contains many pages. I’ve deleted two pages accidentally in the past and now when I’m going to add new pages. It is asking me to upgrade the plan. I’ve done that accidentally. If you guys are limiting the number of pages then it’s ok, fine. But if someone has done that accidentally. Please do no take advantage.

I was trying this framework.

Please help me out.

Hi @Arsh_Mahajan, unfortunately this is just how webflow works and get people to sign up. The free plan only allows you to create max. of 2 pages in a single project to start with, so this isn’t really a bug. I guess what you can do is to take the free template again an just copy your existing elements over.

It’s lots of work, but how is that possible in backup its 11 files and in project its only 6 files

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