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Why can I only have two pages on a free account?

Ok I have a free account. I have two pages and when I tried to add a third, I get a message saying I need to upgrade? I am hoping this is a bug? Please help, I need to get work done!

Hi @kbowman

This has always been the limitation on the Starter (free) account plans. If you require more static pages for your site you can add-on a hosting subscription to it:

or your can upgrade your account plan:

Hope this helps :smiley:


It is possible you may have bought a template from our template marketplace that contains 10 pages. But if you delete pages from that template you wont be able to add additional ones until you add a hosting subscriptions.

Try adding a hosting subscription to gain access to more static pages

This is a professional platform for front end web developers. The “free” account is there for you to test the waters (max 2 pages). It gives you more than enough flexibility to make one of two decisions:

  1. Like Webflow? Pay to use it…
  2. Don’t like Webflow? Move along…

Sounds like you like Webflow. Pay to use it rather than logging into the support forum for a commercial SaaS platform and pleading that things bend to your will through phrases like “what gives?” and “I need to get work done!”.

Just sayin’…

I’m sorry I was confused. It looks like when I first joined Webflow last year, it was during a 14-day free trail. During that time, I believe I could create as many pages as I wanted. After the 14-day trial was up, my account transfer to a basic free account. It had been a couple months since I used my Webflow account, that I forgot about the free trial. I was in a slight panic because I had a short time frame to get some work done and I couldn’t understand why I was limited.

I have always planned on getting the personal plan and I do think Webflow is a top shelf product, I was just confused about the change, I wasn’t really trying to “bend things to my will”

@kbowman That’s fine, I hope you enjoy the benefits of the personal plan. :wink:

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