New Sites, but I've got no plan

I think I’ve run into a problem. :face_with_monocle: I deleted (by accident) some unedited sites and tried to create some new ones. But since I dont have any plan, I cant create a new site. I really want the sites back, because I’m working on something :b: I G. Can anyone help me?:smiley:

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Hi @TheRealGamer_TRG

Are you using the Free Plan?
If so, you are limited to 2 projects (unpublished sites) at a time. If you create a site and host it with Webflow it does not count as one of the 2 projects.

If you purchase an ‘Account Plan’ you can then have more sites (unhosted) at one time. The ‘Lite’ Plan allows 10 projects at a time.

Info here:

You have the option of paying monthly (slightly higher price) for the account plan, this may allow you to have more than 2 projects until you’re ready to publish and host.

Hope that helps,

Yes. I am using the free plan. I just want more pages, not more sites (thats my fault, I said the wrong thing…) So I deleted some Pages of the free Business Template and now I cant Insert new ones…

I used this Preset:

And now I can’t add more Pages:

Basically, thats my Problem

While I’d recommend eventually purchasing a plan, your best bet would be to restart on that template – then instead of deleting pages, delete the entire contents of the template pages, rename them to whatever you’d like, then build your new page inside that wiped page. This is a workaround to repurpose a Webflow template into a new project with a large number of pages for editing purposes on a Free Plan.

You won’t be able to add more pages than the template initially gives you, but it should be sufficient for your purposes… even the “Style Guide” page can wiped and repurposed into whatever page you’d like. Just don’t delete any pages, or you won’t be able to add more until hosting is added.

If you already started making significant changes to the template, start a new project with the same template, then open both projects in two separate windows and COPY / PASTE all the elements you worked on across projects to your new template.

Best of luck on your " :b: I G " project.

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