Can't add static pages

I have a website hosted through Webflow with a CMS plan. In trying to redesign our website as a separate Webflow project, we’re running into an issue where we are unable to add more than two static pages to the site plan. Must we purchase a site plan for the draft redesign project in order to add additional pages? We do not plan to ever have two sites live at once – once the redesign is complete, we will switch the URL and hosting to the new project. I appreciate any ideas anyone has! Thank you.

It sounds like you have a ‘Starter’ account plan. You could purchase either an account plan ‘Lite’ or a site plan ‘Basic’ to remove the 2 page limit. Paying for another site plan (monthly) seems to be the cheapest option. Personally I feel that Webflow should introduce a staging environment which would be ideal for this situation. I would like to redesign or make changes without having to run a separate project. :man_shrugging:

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Yes, I have a Starter plan! I should have said that. Since the Starter plan includes two projects, I didn’t realize that one live project and one draft project would cause any issues. It’s frustrating that I’ll have to pay for another site plan for a second site that will never be public-facing, but it seems like that’s way to solve my problem.