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UK Hosting Payments — Help?

Hi everyone. I’d like to ask a question, is it possible to have 10 or 15 or x amount of projects payed through 1 bank account? What I mean is that I am trying to avoid my clients paying US Dollars for their billing, as I am based in the UK, my clients are also in the UK only. I don’t want to bill them in Dollars as the currency will change at times and it looks unusual and sort of strange, not to forget the commission charges upon each transfer from a UK account to a US account. So I wish to get the clients paying me directly in UK Pound Sterling, then I myself pay for the hosting, that might be for 10 or 15 or more clients. Is this possible?

Hi @MoMughal

Yes you can pay for hosting yourself. Client billing is totally optional. You can also pay with the same card for unlimited projects! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Can the the monthly billing for x amount of projects be automated? I mean can they be set up to be automatically withdrawn from my account monthly at 1 time? Maybe some projects start getting hosting on the 1st week of the month, some others the 2nd week, so there must be a way to automate the payments into 1 payment for all the projects. This will save commission fees also for us in the UK when transfer occur.

I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure they’ll get billed on the same day you set them up. Maybe @PixelGeek can confirm.

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My dear friends, I think I have found a solution to this for the NON US based Web Designers. We make a contract with the client for their Website to pay us monthly £100, for example. The minimum contract would be 12 months. This would cover the build, any small customization’s, modifications, hosting … The contract automatically renews unless cancelled 30 days before. Then we, the designers, pay for the Webflow hosting for that Website, Yearly/Annually, NOT the monthly plan. It works out a little bit cheaper per month in the long run and saves us in the UK the hassle and worry due to changes in currency, between US Dollars and Sterling Pounds, month to month for if we were to pay monthly. It also helps us cover some of the commission charges for transfer fees for both currency exchange and international transfer from our banks in the UK for example as instead of paying monthly for transfer and currency fees we would pay them once a year. It also saves the stress of trying to keep up with the hosting payments every month. We maybe investing into the client for the first 2 months by paying the full year of Webflow hosting from our own pockets, BUT this seems to be the best solution, as long as we make sure the client agrees to sign a 12 month minimum contract. I only thought of this solution because I still feel that Webflow makes Freelance Web design much more easier and saves anxiety and worry concerning the backend of web design. I would hate to ever get in a situation of my clients phoning me up angry that the website is down or some functions not working. Webflow also saves the hassle of Mobile Responsive coding. This all means that starting freelance web design using the Webflow platform needs $2000. This includes the annual Pro Membership and maybe 7 Webflow projects hosted. If more projects are added within the 1st few months then within a year perhaps a nice part time freelance income could be established I imagine. I’d appreciate if some of you reply and give some further tips. I just lack confidence to be honest.
Thank you.