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Is this a good Solution?

Hi everybody. Based upon your experience is this a solution to the billing for the non-US based Web Designers, especially in the UK? We make a contract with the client for their Website to pay monthly £100, for example with no extra down payment. The contract would be 12 months. This would cover the design and any small customization’s, modifications, hosting … The contract automatically renews unless cancelled 30 days before for example. Then we, the designers, pay for the Webflow hosting for that Website, Yearly/Annually, NOT the monthly plan. It works out a little bit cheaper per month in the long run and saves us in the UK the hassle and worry due to changes in currency, between US Dollars and Sterling Pounds, month to month for if we were to pay monthly. It also helps us cover some of the commission charges for transfer fees for both currency exchange and international transfer from our banks in the UK for example as instead of paying monthly for transfer and currency fees we would pay them once a year. It also saves the stress of trying to keep up with the hosting payments every month. We maybe investing into the client for the first 2 months by paying the full year of Webflow hosting from our own pockets. I only thought of this solution because I still feel that Webflow makes Freelance Web design much more easier and saves anxiety and worry concerning the backend of web design. I would hate to ever get in a situation of my clients phoning me up angry that the website is down or some functions not working. Webflow also saves the hassle of Mobile Responsive coding. This all means that starting freelance web design using the Webflow platform needs $2000. This includes the annual Pro Membership and maybe 7 Or 8 Webflow projects hosted on Webflow hosting. If more projects are added within the 1st few months then within a year perhaps a nice part time freelance income could be established I imagine. I’d appreciate if some of you reply and give some further tips. I just lack confidence to be honest.
So what do you according to your experiences?
Thank you.

Why not export the site and host it elsewhere? Thats what I plan to do.
I’m in the UK, and £100/mo is way too much

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Ok. Excuse me for my ignorance, I’m a novice but how would I be able then to secure the Backend like Webflow does automatically? Thats my worry.

What backend functionality would you be looking for? I’m going to be using Umbraco for my CMS

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Ok nice to know. I know we can’t export the Webflow CMS. Only the Webflow code. So do you mean we can export the code and use it on a completely different CMS? Isn’t that difficult? Or does it just need one to learn how to use that CMS? How it works and how to import code onto it? Then all we need is to test it, then a domain name or take the existing domain name then set up hosting? What about security? I’m worried about the reliability.

I plan to create a static site in Webflow, and export it.
I would then use Umbraco to “CMS it”.

If you’re concerned about it, stick with Webflow would be my advice.

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i am working exactly like the way you describe.
My Customers are signing for two years and are paying a monthly fee to me.

Since Webflow i am offering CMS and Blog Sites and charging 20€ more from each customer.

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I can not see how one can make any profit unless they charge for the hosting plus extra that would cover their efforts for designing and modifications. Maybe £100 is too much but £60 seems reasonable per month. My target is small to medium size local businesses. They can’t afford to pay £1000 upfront then £30 or £40 monthly for maintenance. So I’m thinking about solutions. I’ve seen some offers for £50 monthly for basic but nice websites. I asked some and they said they used WordPress. I think this whole topic needs more research into costs of tools and CMS used.

my sites are starting at least at 175 Euro per month, each contract goes at least two years.
You have to blow up your service, your selling argument.
Why your site costs 175 per month …

I specialized on restaurants and hotels.
I am offering whole in one service. including food photography …
Print design is also one big factor too in my business.

To earn money you need to charge more than 60 per month.
You have to sell, you have to collect the information and you have to built …

Just working with weblow will not be enough. You will need more things.
And believe me, you dont want the 30/40€ Customers.

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Yh if someone has skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL, some Photoshop and knows how to use Webfllow, then they can definitely do well. And even better if they have Social Media Marketing and SEO know how. They could explain the value of their services, offer to help them get leads by way of social media and SEO. Explain how the layout of the Website would be used friendly. I think designers with these skills go far. I wish I could have them.