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Client billing help

Hello all,

Hope you all had good Christmas and have lots planned for the new year :slight_smile:

For all of my exported projects and domains I used WHMCS billing software which sets up everything automatically.

However I’ve had a couple of clients interested in using CMS features but would need to bill them through webflow and have a couple of questions.

  1. How do you set your pricing for your customer? as I’m in the UK and cant change the currency in webflow, so if I put on my website CMS hosting for £20 pm the exchange rate could be more and infact my client could get charged £22 pm?

  2. Do you used webflow for all your billing needs? as I said above I used WHMCS for my main billing software which handles domains and exported web sites. If you use 2 billing methods do you find it gets messy or confusing?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, you should email supprt directly for this one. The forum will not have directly pricing from members. Shoot them an email, they’ll give you correct info.


Thanks for the reply.

I emailed support and got a response already, unfortunately its not possible to change the currency for client billing. So thought I would ask here how other people manage it :slight_smile:

Hi @Matty

I’m UK based, and currently use for recurring billing - it’s free other than the 1.4% + 20p Stripe transaction fee.

It’s not an inbuilt solution like you currently use, or like Webflow’s client billing though…

Same as you, i’d love to use Webflow’s client billing, but want to be able to say to clients that it’s a fixed amount GBP per month, not fluctuating based on the exchange rate…

You might also find some useful info here: Business tools for Freelancers

Hope that helps

@StuM So the client can pay automatically every month with this way? I was just about to set up client billing for two sites with Webflow, but this seems much better…

Yep - you can do one off invoices, auto-recurring invoices that are paid manually by the client, and auto-recurring invoices paid automatically by the client (you can either enter their card details when they are with you, or the recurring invoice should let them save their card details for future payments)

Send auto or manual receipts, and also get a copy in your inbox.

I haven’t used the other side of it - recording/accounting for your own purchases/bills as it didn’t quite record dollars and pounds the way I needed it to.

As an invoicing tool though - great stuff - drop me a line if you have any other Qs on it.


@StuM Thanks for the reply.

How do you explain to your clients that the price may vary depending on the exchange?

Hi @Matty

Sorry if it was unclear - I don’t - and that very issue is why I don’t currently use Webflow’s client billing.


  • The client pays me via Wave invoicing - a clear set £x per month for their site (hosting+small maintenance fee).
  • I then pay Webflow whatever the £x per month hosting is (based on current exchange rate) to host their site.
  • That means I absorb any fluctuation up or down rather than the client. I have a disclaimer essentially saying we don’t expect the set price to rise unless exchange rates go crazy, but if we need to do so, will give you suitable notice.

Hope that helps/is clearer :slightly_smiling_face:


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