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Compatibility with Cloud.typography from Hoefler & Co, previously Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

Their homepage: Typography.com

Others have commented and asked for it in this thread.

If unfamiliar with the service:
They have been called “The Beatles of Type Design”, with their fonts considered elegant and of the highest quality, and it is one of the most celebrated font studios in the Design world.

Their webfont service is not as widely known as (free) Google Fonts or (free / economic) Typekit, as they cater to a higher paying demographic with their own premium and more celebrated fonts.

Their product is, however, widely used by several Designers and well known companies. They host the web fonts themselves through their cloud.typography service to control illegal access to their product.

Their service requires access to their hosted fonts and does not require uploading fonts.

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I asked Typography.com about this;

My email:
Hello, does Webflow work well with cloud.typography? They do not actively support it but I imagine others might have asked about this. I wish to sign up for both cloud and web flow, but would like to be sure both can be used together well without too much hassle.

Their reply:
Hi Yaco,

Thanks for getting in touch about using webfonts! Cloud.typography can be used across any site that allows you to edit the HTML. That said, it does appear that Webflow requires fonts to be embedded in a way that Cloud.typography cannot support, so it looks like using Cloud.typography webfonts may not be possible.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Kind Regards,

Is there any progress?

Another month and no news…

My client is peculiar about fonts and without cloud.typography support webflow is a non-starter.
But it should be possible to inject the necessary link into the header once the website is exported and independently hosted. That’s how it is done in WordPress. Or would this break a webflow site? Has anybody tried?

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+1 I would really like to see this. More typography options please!

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You can upload any webfont you have and even make web fonts from desktop fonts and upload them. To be honest, this is far more flexible than building in support for other companies.

Some systems don’t allow you to download their fonts, or allow you to licence them for web outside of their own system. Not being able to use them with Webflow is an unfortunate limitation. It probably bothers me more than most people because I’m a bit obsessed with type.

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I’m sure you can use their fonts via custom code - just add their scripts to your site’s <head>, and write the actual CSS font-family properties in there.

They even have screenshots for how to do it:

Note, this won’t work in the Webflow designer, as custom code is not executed there.

This sounds like it would do the trick. My guess is that compatibility should not be a problem as both sides (Typography.com / H&Co. and Webflow) aim for keeping with standards and flexibility.

So… has anyone does this? Next to integration of any kind, this sort of compatibility is the next best thing.

Sad it won’t show up in the custom designer to make design easier, but in that case I’d suggest using a similar google or system font as a placeholder and simply previewing /loading the site to see how it should look.