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Typekit Fonts Trapped in Webflow?

On http://mstestingsiteb.webflow.io https://preview.webflow.com/preview/mstestingsiteb?preview=57319180c4966d1428fddbc9f6f1b100

I still had/have Grafolita Script showing in the selector. I removed the Typekit integration, cloned the site and still Grafolita showed in the selector as a script. I went into TypeKit and deleted the kit so no Grafolita still shows but not as a script font. Could this be a bug?

I had successfully change or remove kit from a project, so it’s possible I’m sure (: It’s maybe a bug on your project… Does it interfere with your ability to design?

@PixelGeek if it’s a tiny bug you may want to list it.

It could be because the editor hasn’t been refreshed after the deleted kit.

My question would be, what if you delete the kit, does the website/editor change to a fallback [default] font if the typekit font is set on the body or other basic styles?

If you look on his image it seems grafoli defaulted to Georgia hwich is right efore on the list… I put a dollar that the font won’t be listed after a few restart.

The site was cloned and I logged out and back in before and after cloning. The font doesn’t pull or work in the project and in the fonts list Grafolita no longer shows in the script but as Georgia. It just doesn’t remove from the list.

@vincent no it’s not impacting my work at this point. I did have to delete the kit from TypeKit to keep it from pulling so I think it’s a small bug.

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