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Resolved: Typekit not rendering in designer

I know this was a topic back in November 2017, and it shows that it was fixed. However, for some projects of mine (not all of them!), the Typekit fonts are not rendering ok in the designer…Not sure how to fix that. The fonts render ok on the published site, but not in the designer, which makes it pretty difficult to design.

The fonts that I’m talking about are Aktiv Grotesk and Alternate Gothic.



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Does Typekit knows it has to render the fonts in the designer and on the .io staging?

In other words, did you setup your kit to do so, adding * and * as domains on top of your custom domain?

Hey Vincent,

Yes, I had that in.

However, I just think it was buggy…it happened to me on 2 different projects…

After like 20 minutes without changing anything, it suddenly started to work.

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