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Typekit Not Loading in Designer or on Mobile Devices

So I followed the directions and my font shows in the dropdown selector but doesn’t display in the designer. It shows on the live site but not on other machines other than my desktop. I don’t have the font synced to my desktop.

I tried adding the scrip provided by Typekit to the custom code but that didn’t seem to change anything. Do I need to add the code there?

site is and

How did you add the domains in your typekits’ kit? As the designer is on .com and the published site in .io, you need to declare both. Something like, *, *

You can also add Localhost and/or if you plan to export the code sometimes to see what’s in and still have the fonts loading. Up to 10 domains anyway.

From Typekit:

“Using Typekit while developing locally You can specify up to ten domains in your Kit Editor’s Kit Settings, including development domains, subdomains, and “localhost” if you’re running a web server on your own machine. Typekit will not work on pages that you open from your file system (file://); this is because Typekit requires a referrer, which a local file system cannot send.”

@vincent Thanks man…I’d added the the domains but hadn’t added the * or *…guess those made the difference…not sure why it mattered…either that or i didn’t wait long enough. It had been probably an hour.

I admit I may go over the top with domains, adding redundant info or not working one. I didn’t fully understood their guidelines and it just work like that so… :slight_smile:

Is it working for you now?

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Yep. Now I’m exploring using fonts from a service like FontSquirrel and just uploading to the site. I guess if you want to use a specific font and weight you have to upload all the versions (NOTE: For maximum browser support upload True Type Fonts (TTF), Open Type Fonts (OTF), Embedded Open Type (EOT) and Web Open Font Format (WOFF) font file types.) for each weight and italic if desired.

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