Trouble loading custom fonts in Webflow site

Webflow is being really slow this morning and I just lost some work. I had to revert to a backup as my site was in a state that never existed previously. The latest changes were there but some work done a couple of days ago had gone. I’ve also had some other quirks, like uploaded custom fonts suddenly not appearing in the font dropdown.

My sites seem to be ok.

No incident reported on Status

Not sure if related, but my Typekit fonts aren’t showing up and the site also seems slow…

Nevermind… it seems to be working again!

When this happens, I select another kit in the dashboard, Save it, then select the right kit again, save it, and back in the designer, the fonts are there.

Interesting… unknowingly I did almost that — I selected another kit, then the correct kit again, but I didn’t save it. Maybe this helped?

I don’t think it did anything if you didn’t save it :smiley:
It’s probably just because you waited a bit more.
Maybe that’s what happens with my technique too :smiley:

Hi @Mowgli just wanted to check in and make sure all is well on your side now? We haven’t had any incident reports, sounds like it was a Typekit error?

It’s been ok since I posted. thanks.

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