Typekit fonts not displaying in Safari

Hi all,

I’ve published a holding page for my first Webflow site while I work on the bulk of the other pages. I was thrilled at first as everything displayed fine when I checked the live site on Chrome, but then I peaked on Safari and Chrome on my Android phone and some fonts don’t display correctly.

I’m using a Typekit Web project through a Typekit token. Is anyone able to help, please?

Fonts displaying fine on Desktop Chrome

Messy “coming soon[…]” and links fonts on Safari

Hi, is it still the case? Be assured that it works for me here on all browsers.

Hi @vincent, sort of, it’s kind of funny. “coming soon[…]” looks alright now on Safari too, while contact top right is still misbehaving (fall back to serif, while it should be Sofia sans serif in caps…). How weird…

p.s. I’ve cleared my cache

Ok, so… for me, the top right link looks the same in both browsers, but I guess it doesn’t look like you want it to.

And it’s a bit weird, both browsers inspectors tell me that the font is Sofia Pro, but Sofia Pro isn’t on Adobe Fonts, they just have Sofia.

Omg! How emberassing!!! The end part of your comment raised a doubt in my mind so I went and checked if I had missed a font update for that link class when I switched from uploaded custom fonts to typekit and there is was, a missing font-family specification half way ina combo class. Thanks!

I still have way too go clearly in mastering Webflow! :see_no_evil:

I wouldn’t say that, because you have the good approach: facing an issue, you researched for help, ingested answers, and ultimately, you found your own mistake and fixed it. That is the definition of being a dev. Front end, even with Webflow, is made of so many things that it’s very easy to overlook some.

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