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Custom font not working (on mobile and desktop)

Dear webflowers

I know this topic has been posted many times before, but I went trough all the previous forum posts and I really couldn’t find the solution for my problem.

I have a legally downloaded custom font uploaded in EOT, WOFF, TTF and OTF to my project.

On my laptop, it works perfectly fine on Chrome and Firefox. But Safari shows a different font!

See the difference here:

Right font:

Wrong font:

Same thing happens on my iPhone. There, the right font is neither working on Chrome nor Safari.

Please help! I really don’t know what to do…

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey @garymichael1313

Thanks for your answer. But unfortunately your suggestions didn’t solve my problem. The fonts are loaded correctely, nothing’s wrong with them.

Any other solutions…?

Yeah you would need to contact someone at Safari to get this solved. There are tons of articles online where many others are having the same problem. They’re from all kinds of platforms. With so many experiencing this on Safari, I would contact them. It’s not only happening in Webflow, I read many that are coding from scratch and it’s happening as well. Look through their docs.

Lucky me! Fortunately, the font I’m using is also on Adopbe Typekit. So I was able to implement it through there.

Anyway, thx for your help!

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