Custom font won't display on Safari

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I’ve run into an issue of font falling back to sans serif on Safari browsers. Following threads didn’t resolve issue (How to upload & manage custom fonts, Custom Font won't work on anything that is not safari). I can see in dev panel that font settings are correct but font won’t display anyway… In project settings I have four suggested font types (.ttf, .woff, .eot and .otf.) and I’m running out of ideas how to resolve this…

*svg files are also there

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You loaded an italic font as Style:italic so you’ll have to apply italics to your styles in webflow or the font won’t load. If you loaded regular fonts too, you’d be seeing those load instead of the fallback font.


Awesome! That made it :slight_smile: I didn’t think that it can impact so much font rendering, and only on Safari, other browser would bypass it - it was displayed properly on firefox and chrome (I didn’t check ie).

Another thing - is there any alternative to -webkit-font-smoothing? Since this is not supported anymore are there any other ways to improve font rendering? (again this is somehow common only to Safari with more than 2k res, at least what I’ve seen). I was trying text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; but can’t really tell the difference

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Yeah with custom code you can change font smoothing. Any WebKit code should work. Just wrap with < script > tags

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This is such an amazing small thing that should be taught in the Webflow University videos if it isn’t already. I run into problems because I didn’t know about this and watched a few videos about it already. Thanks!