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Safari Font Spacing Issues? [Fix With Typekit]

Gotta love Safari…

So it looks like Safari is putting too many spacing inbetween everything and also smashing some fonts together?

I uploaded a custom font ‘Futura’ because it’s not in Webflow or Google Fonts and Typekit won’t load…

That may be the issue?

Just seeing if anyone can solve this maybe in another other manner?

I have spacing to .5 but when I remove this it shows the same results in Safari…

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Ended up figuring out how to use ‘typekit’ properly! Baha.

Got rid of ‘corrupted’ fonts that I uploaded…

Make sure your fonts are clean if custom upload or if you create in Adobe products and want to use Typekit, you have to create a ‘project’ and then paste some code into your ‘header’.

Did not now this, biggest lesson here if you end up using Typekit.