Typeform → Zapier → Webflow CMS


Is this possible yet?

Image submitted via Typeform - image sent via zapier to Webflow cms?

I have seen the thread about using an image url but this is not really what I need.

Thanks in advance

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Hey @RoseWebStudio

I was able to run a test on this kind of zap and it worked for me. Here are the screenshots.

Here’s the Typeform

Here’s what Zapier pulled in from Typeform

Here’s what Zapier passed on to Webflow
You can see the image file was transferred to ssl.webflow.com/

Here’s that same data in Webflow

Hope this helps.


Thanks, that is brilliant. Appreciate you taking time to do that…if you were here I would buy you a :beer:


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This is great, I’m succeeding, but my picture is coming in rotated 45 degrees counter clockwise. Any ideas? (I’m taking the pic in portrait mode). Thanks