Typeform - Zapier - Webflow CMS image upload issue

Hi there!

I am having a small issue with my Typeform > Zapier > Webflow CMS automation

For context, I have a Typeform form that includes an image upload. I can manage to get all the text data to be pulled into my Webflow blog CMS but I can’t get the image upload from the form to get uploaded into Webflow. I think it has something to do with the image URL that Zapier creates not being a public one so Webflow can’t pull it in. FYI I reached out to Webflow support and this is what they said:

Typically, the Webflow CMS will import an image when:

  1. The image is hosted on a publicly accessible URL, meaning that the Typeform image URL should not be private.
  2. The image URL ends in an image format supported by Webflow (.png, .jpg, etc) — Image file types | Webflow University.
  3. The image file size is below the recommended limit of 4MB — Image field - Webflow University.

The image meets the last two conditions but I don’t think if it meets the first.

Can someone please help!

Thanks in advance.

There is no public URL assigned to files uploaded via a typeform field. That would be a major security issue. The asset should be available via the API. You could alternately have a typeform form send the notification to a Zapier endpoint then act on it there. Since that is a private channel the email notification includes a link to the asset. So that should be easy to extract. Alternately you could potentially use an automation in Typeform to push the form response and asset to another resource you could use in your automation.