Transforming the URL of an image into its true or final version

I created a form that has a zapier inegration that allows the data to be imported into a CMS, but recently due to a security update in the API, the image submitted in the form will no longer populate in the CMS. I was told to place this code: redirect-with-zapier-code.js · GitHub in a code block on my zap, but it does not work. Can anyone provide some insight on what I could be doing wrong, or have an alternate solution?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Signature Healthcare LTC

Here is the sap Read-Only: Login | Zapier

There are too many possible points of failure here to identify without some run testing, test data, etc. It sounds like this was working at one point but is now no longer working?

Typically I see image upload fail due to-

  • Complex or long filenames Webflow can’t process
  • Out of bounds images, e.g. unsupported type or > 4 MB
  • The image URL is inaccessible to Webflow

I’m not certain how/where you’re uploading the image before Zapier receives it, or what the redirect code is meant to accomplish exactly.

And of course it’s hard to tell if the specific problem is site-side, Zapier-side, or webflow side, or some combination.

Basically the approach will be to walk through it one part at a time.

  • Test a small, simple image upload directly to the WF api directly from a hosted source ( using Postman or similar tools )
  • Then start adding in layers- zapier, your upload mechanism etc, until it fails

One you know exactly what the problems is you’ll have a clear idea of what options you have.

I have a form from my webflow site that I have created using Webflow’s form tools, and I am using zapier to connect and create a CMS entry for. So when someone fills out the form and uploads a picture, the zap takes that data and creates a CMS entry so that we can review and publish each submission. I hope that provides more clarity into my issue.

Very little to identify your problem on.
My instructions above on what to look for and how to debug it are a pretty solid starting point for you to diagnose this.

If I were debugging this for a client, I’d need access to both the Webflow project and Zapier, sample images of what you’re expecting ( including ones that have succeeded in the past, and ones that are failing now ) and the ability to run some test data through.

My plate’s a bit full atm but if you need professional help you can click my name and drop me a line, I will have a few projects wrapped up by the end of next week.