Two Webflow Sites to One Domain

Hi everyone,

I have a client that has hired me to develop her websites; her main company website and a landing page for a client of hers. Both sites are developed with Webflow. She wants her main site to be “” and her landing page (second Webflow site for her client) to be “ /landing-page”. I cannot figure out how to do something like this. I’m not as familiar with DNS settings. Her domain is from

I have the “” custom domain hooked up to her website (main site) but I cannot add the same custom domain to her second site (the landing page) because Webflow won’t let me.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can achieve this? I appreciate all the help!

Hey. You could export both websites and then just put those websites at the Webserver to the path you wish. I have some posts at my account how you can do it.

Thanks for the reply! I’d like to keep both sites on webflow to maintain and update content.

You continue to design in Webflow and Update stuff just without the app. It’s just where the app gets hosted and hence the files