Can a webflow site be part of an existing domain

Hi all,
In the next few weeks I’m starting building a new website for a client.
My client wants this site to be part of an exisiting site.
The existing site is something like this: ‘’.
The webflow site should then be reached at: ‘www . clientname . com / webflowsite’.
(sorry for the extra spaces in the url, but otherwise it will turn into an advertisement ?!)
So the webflow site does not have a domain of its own.
Can this be done, and if so, how to get this set up.

You could export the site from WF and host it in a subdirectory or you could run a reverse proxy on your existing site and pull the content in.

I am having a similar issue:

Original site is hosted in Squarespace and I have built a new part of the site in Webflow.

So far I have delved into the world of domains and subdomains. I’ve found that one of two options seem possible:

1 - Publish my Webflow site to the main domain: ‘www’, or
2 - Publish my Webflow site to a subdomain: ‘newsite’

(added spaces above to stop links to strange places being added like

However, I’ve run into a total roadblock about how to actually do this. :exploding_head:

Would LOVE some help! :pray: