Two Sites, One URL

My client has a company that started as janitorial, and has now split into a section for home renovations. He wants to keep the same business name as it is highly recognized in the community. Is there a way to have a single URL (which includes his business name) but have two websites under this same URL?

For example:, then and Each with its own design, menu, contact forms, etc?

If he needs separate URL’s, if there’s any tips on having them connected in any way for SEO, etc I’d really appreciate it!


Hi @Lisa_Henderson :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: welcome to the Webflow Forum! I’m so glad that you’re here.

In order to build out multiple websites on Webflow hosting with a single domain, a reverse proxy would need to be created. Some of our community members shared a potential process for configuring that:

From an SEO perspective, you’re 100% going the best route for building domain authority for each of those offerings.

How much of a difference is there between the site and the services? Would it make more sense to build it under a subdomain such as

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Hey @Lisa_Henderson , you could look into subdomains? such as

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Thanks for the help!

As you can see, I’m super new to hosting, etc. From what I’ve read, a subdomain might actually be best, as it would be a completely different design, customer base, etc.

If I used a sub-domain, would that mean that it would be separate hosting costs? And would SEO still be linked?

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Great questions, @Lisa_Henderson :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

With a new sub-domain approach, that would require a new site plan to build out that project (a reverse proxy would also require the same configuration, so it may be something to consider in the future).

From my experience, sub-domains typically operate as their own entities with regards to SEO, though having backlinks/links between each website does help build domain authority and surface results for brands and each location. In the past I’ve thought of it like different locations offering different services, and doing as much cross-selling or promotion as possible.

It’s difficult to advise without more context, would it be possible to instead treat the secondary site as it’s own service area (similar to how within our Webflow site we have our Hosting page and our Ecommerce page)?

When possible, I always recommend staying under the same brand and top-level domain for SEO and user experience unification. It’s also possible to have those pages look completely different if you wanted to within Webflow, and configure different menus and forms as is needed. This would also allow you to keep everything under one hosted Webflow site if you’d prefer this approach, rather than managing multiple websites (our cross-site copy and paste feature is helpful if you have multiple sites).