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2 Domain Names to One Site

I am getting ready to publish a site for a customer and have a couple questions.

They had one product and an associated website, say it was called Then they developed a new product called ABC product. This product did not have a website, so the site that I have made for them has both of these products on one site.

They want to use the web address for their main site, but they also bought another domain name for their new product, so they would now like to have both domain names pointing to this new site.

So would I host the main domain name, then add the second domain name as a sub-domain?

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Important question; is this for a site hosted on Webflow or on your custom hosting?

Oh, sorry! Kind of important fact!

Hosting on Webflow


Great. So in the page I linked to below, the following information answers your question. Note: You can’t point an additional custom domain or subdomain to a different page than your default domain.

Can I connect more than one domain to my project?

You can add as many domains and subdomains as you want. This is a good way to redirect your old domains to the new subdomain. Just make sure to set a default domain to ensure that all domains connected to this project are redirected to that URL. This is necessary to avoid being penalized by Google for having duplicate content on the web.

The entire project will be published to all domains and subdomains connected to that project. If you’ve set a default domain, the project will be published to that domain and all other domains will be redirected to the default URL.

Let us know if that resolves your issue or if you need more help. Have a great day.

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Ok, I think this will help, but one more question:

The main domain is hosted at Network Solutions so I’ll go in there and redirect that domain to Webflow. THEN, do I go to the other domain name, which is hosted at Go Daddy, and also redirect that name to Webflow, then set up the subdomain in Webflow?


Make sure you have added your custom domain to Webflow first. Then follow the instructions here.

Once the custom domain is pointed and resolving correctly, you can follow the same procedure on the secondary domain (on Godaddy).

Remember it is your Projects Hosting settings in webflow that will control which domain is the default domain.

Got it! Thanks so much for all the information. I’ll let you know if I need any further help.


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