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Tweet (with mention) to Webflow CMS Zapier 400 Bad Request

Hi the community !

I need some help as I want Webflow to create a new CMS item in my “TWEETS” collection (Every new tweet mentionning a word will create a cms item il my collection) with a Zapier integration but i get this message error:

The app returned “‘fields.slug’ invalid input”.

The problem comes from the “slug” cms field which I can’t populate because it comes from the Twitter data. Usually it is the same than the name, of the tweet , or the page etc…

Does anybody ( @cyberdave , @PixelGeek, @vincent , @jonnym , @WebflowCommunityTeam etc… ) can help me sort this out?
I am pretty sure it is nothing really important but I can’t figure it out !

Thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Is this the format of the slug? (I decided to put in the “slug” Zapier field the data from the Twitter content because it didn’t work with the url tweet?

Any clue?

Seems like its due to the format. Can you use the tweet ID or something that doesnt have special characters for the slug instead?

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@jonnym sorry for the late answer. Everything worked fine, thanks for taking time to look at the problem :wink: