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Zapier + Webflow Failure

I keep getting the following message

The app returned “ValidationError: Provided ID is invalid”. This usually happens when your Zap is missing a required field or a field value isn’t in a recognized format. We made a request to and received (400) Bad Request.

All of the data is accurate and has been working in the past.

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I can’t really debug this without looking at the Zapier zap and the Webflow CMS (which you’ve shared).

But whenever I’ve seen this it’s usually from a couple of issues:

  1. I updated the Webflow CMS and did not Publish it
  2. I need to reconnect my Webflow Project with Zapier and then afterwards hit the “test” button
  3. I may need to got back to the first step in this Zap and reselect the Webflow project and collection in each one

Try some of those steps to see if it resolves…

I have the same issue and keep occurring, even though all the fields are correct :frowning:

@Jacques_Moussafir did you run through the steps I outlined, above?

I have the same problem? has anybody found a solution? Watch this video. If this doesnt help let me know and I can help more…