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HELP: Can we provide free access to a few CMS items and then have an access wall?

Hey Folks, we are creating content collections on our website (e.g., Rebooting Performance Management). Each Content Collection Page will have resources from three CMS collections:

  1. Blogposts/ articles
  2. Tools
  3. Curated Links

We are wondering if there is a way folks could freely access 3 resources on our website and then be prompted with an access wall of some kind (password/ enter your email). We are flexible on the exact approach.

Is there a way to set this up in Webflow? Thank you in advance for your guidance and help!

Webflow doesn’t offer member functionality (yet) but you can use another platform like Memberstack to get this type of control. Here’s a guide on getting unique member dashboards setup, but a quick search gives you a number of other threads that cover using the same platform.

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Thank you! We’ll read up the guides.

If we didn’t want a password and more a ‘enter email to access more’, would we still need unique visitor identifiers?

Not necessarily, depending on how “secure” you need this section to be you could just include a link that’s hidden from the front-end in an automated email that’s sent after they enter their email.

If you’re looking for a more straightforward solution (without the need for them to check an email - although it doesn’t guarantee that you get a valid email address) you can set the redirect URL on the form element to direct them to the page instead: