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Creating member dashboards in Webflow (tutorial)

Having spoken to a few Webflow creators, we realised how painful it can be to build a member dashboard in Webflow.

What I mean by this is something that shows you, for example, stats for member profiles on marketplace sites. E.g. how many people visited the profile, favourite/saved it, made an enquiry etc.

Existing solutions

Often what people do is connect Webflow to tools like GA, Memberstack/Outseta, Zapier/Integromat and sometimes even others like Parabola.

It can be frustrating to figure out how to even get started with that as well as manage all of those tools, and then deal with the inevitable breakdown of those tools.

A better way!

We’ve made it super easy to build a member dashboard in Nocodelytics. What’s more, the dashboard comes with some nice looking charts so your members can easily understand their activity over time.

Below I explain how you can easily create your own member dashboards. With about 5 minutes of work, you can have a dashboard that shows useful metrics for your members like page views, saved profiles, enquiries (basically any button click) and even popular items on each member’s profile.

The below assumes you already have the “public” member page as well as the gated profiles set up. This also works best when all of your members’ profiles are in the same collection.

How to create your own member dashboard in Webflow

  1. Sign up on Nocodelytics (member dashboards are free to set up)
  2. Add the site(s) you want to set up the dashboard on
  3. In Nocodelytics, add the metrics that you want to display on your member dashboard
  4. Click “Embed dashboard” and copy the code
  5. In Webflow, add a HTML Embed and paste the code
  6. In the src part, add the path in this format ?path=collection_slug/item_slug

That’s it! You now have a member dashboard which works for every single member page. You can even see the data for each page live in the Webflow designer.

Here’s an example showing how it looks on one of our projects:

r/webflow - Member dashboards in Webflow

If you’ve created your own member dashboard I’d love to see it. Let me know if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions.

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