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[TUTORIAL]: How To Add Product Reviews To Your Webflow eCommerce Site

If you’re selling goods or services, reviews make all the difference. In fact, Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. Even having just five reviews can boost sales 270% (source)

So, looking to add product reviews to your Webflow store? You’re in the right place.

1. Connect Monto to your Webflow account:

Sign up at and follow the steps to make an account. You’ll be prompted to authenticate with Webflow, connect your store and accept necessary permissions.

At the end of the signup process, you’ll be given 2 snippets of code: The Star Rating Widget and Review Widget.

2. Add Star Rating Widget code snippet to your site.

This is the widget that will display the side-by-side stars that indicate your average review for a product or other collection item.

From the Copy your Star Rating Widget code snippet.

Open your site in the Webflow editor and go to your Product Template (Pages > eCommerce Pages > Products Template in the Webflow editor), although please note this snippet would also work on any other page on which you want to display a review.

Add an Embed element and paste the code snippet where you want the Star Rating Widget to appear. Usually, users put this directly beneath product title or price.

3. Add Reviews Widget code snippet to your site

This is the widget displays your reviews.

Similar to previous step, copy the code and embed on your page. Most users place the embed one somewhere beneath your product, like so:

4. Customize the look and feel of your widgets

In your Monto Review dashboard, click on Customize and begin to play with different options to match your site’s look and feel. Save, and see changes reflect in your store (must refresh store page to see changes).

From this same view you can also customize the review request email that goes to your customers. You can also edit the delay interval and other factors.

5. That’s it :slight_smile:

Congrats! You’re on your way to getting some juicy reviews.

Now, your customers will receive an email after they buy something from your store. Submitted reviews will show up on the corresponding product pages, helping future visitors have more confidence before buying from you.

Any questions? Reach out to us at


I’ve followed the steps exactly, but I get a “500 Woops something went wrong” error instead of the star and review widgets


Can I use this for a list of freelancers instead of products?

Working for me - very impressive. I wish I could control the design and content, and this is the minimum request for A Webflow user (like me).

How can I change the text 1 star 2 star etc.? Is it in German language?

@magicpuncher – fixed the issue! You should be good now. If you have any more issues, please reach out at

@PixelGeek Yes! Any CMS collection can be reviewable with Monto Reviews.

@shokoaviv thank you for the kind words. Basic Plan allows customization of colors and visibility of elements. Growth plan has access to Monto Blocks which gives total customization over the elements on the page. German language is now available as well :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for the interest in Monto! Feel free to reach out to us anytime:

@Monto hey Benjamin, loving the tutorial!

A few questions:

  1. I have been using widget pack in the past for reviews and was wondering how can I transfer all the old reviews into the Monto now?

  2. Any way to add a phrase “verified buyer” beside the green check mark? Would be awesome.

  3. Any way to remove the 5 4 3 2 1 stars with bars ?

Would appreciate the input. Being able to customize it , would be really helpful.

Hey @Inkus91

  1. We can handle this for you, we just need you to send us a .csv with your existing reviews from any platform.

  2. It’s actually there, you just have to hover over the green checkmark.

  3. Yes, you can do this in our Customize panel along with many other tweaks.

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  1. Thank you for the support Benjamin! Just emailed you the .CSV file!

  2. It seems the English language still does not display, even after changing it in the account.

  3. How can I display the star rating for a specific product on the product collection page (or any other pages)?

I wanted to show the star ratings for each product on this page here for example:

  1. got it!

  2. ok, we are looking into it.

  3. can be done, you will get it over email how.

I am also just getting the “500 Whoops” etc error message.

Thank you for letting us know! The downtime was brief as we were pushing a new feature, but we’re back now :slight_smile: URL is giving me a 404 error. Is there a way to obtain some information about the feature?

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Same here. Shame, seemed promising.

App still seems to work:

It’s working right now


I’ve signed up and trying to authorise the app, however im coming up with 404 not found! So I can’t authorise and use. Please help!

Many thanks…


Hello, this looks exactly what I need but I am getting a 500 Server Error when I try to link to Webflow.

Hey, did you ever find a review plugin that works for regular (non-ecommerce) CMS items?

All of the issues above should be resolved by now. We’ve been in direct contact with everyone. :slight_smile: We were a bit overwhelmed by the interest in Monto for a while. Sorry for the trouble!

We’re actually planning to support reviews on non-eCommerce collections soon. You can contact me directly at if you’d like to get an early sneak peak.

Hey @tas, just emailed you! Thanks!