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[TUTORIAL]: How To Add Product Reviews To Your Webflow eCommerce Site

Hey guys @Monto , we’ve been looking forward to your service, but it seems like as of today you removed the ability to have up to 100 reviews for free? We’ve used your service for a few months and now are not even able to access the reviews we had (about 70-80) of them? they are all gone… Can you please resolve this, would be much appreciated…

And it seems like there is no option for trial anymore as well, only paid?

Edit: Just saw your mail. I’ll take care of this. :slight_smile:

Hey Tas, thank you lots for the prompt reply! So is there the 100 reviews limit for the trial version? Also was wondering if there is an ability upload images with reviews now?

There are no limits for users on our free trial :slight_smile:

Yes, users can upload pictures with their reviews.

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hello, i’m interesting to use monto on my shop webflow. it is a little business, what is your plan ? have you a free plan or the first is 15 euros/month ? thanks

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@laetitiamod – our lowest plan is 15/mo but I’m happy to set you up with a super extended free trial. Please reach out to me at and i’ll help you get set up.

Hey @Monto, this looks like an awesome tool. Shall definitely be checking it out!

Also, just a friendly heads up, your site doesn’t appear to have any left/right padding so the contents of the page run right up the edge (see screenshots).

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@Oli.Timmis – We’re allergic to padding, so we try to avoid it :woozy_face:
Just kidding, thanks for the tip!


Wholeness and Warm Greetings,

I Accidentally Deleted one the API Webhooks in my settings

there were 3 Total: (1) Ecomm new order (2) Ecomm order changed (3) Unknown and Deleted

Please assist I’m looking to experiencing the accuracy of Monti services

No problem Curtis! I’ll restore them for you.

So happy to have you on Monto! Please reach out if you have any more questions :slight_smile:


I’m creating an e-commerce website with webflow, but not using the collections feature. How can I add Monto reviews to my pages? What should I replace “slug” or the data-reviewable-id portion of the embed code with?

Hey @natasha_martina_s !

You can add monto reviews to your product pages using the same method we outline in our welcome/demo video. Using collections feature isn’t necessary as Webflow Ecommerce automatically stores your products in the collection called “Product”.

You dont need to replace anything in the code, you just need to create an embed, copy/paste the snippet that you’re given and it magically does the rest :slight_smile:

Please reach out to us if you’re still having any issues and we can help you get set up right away –