Turn Webflow into a native Mac app (sort of)

Hey Webflowers!

I just wanted to share a little tip I use every day that greatly improved my workflow.

This is sort of a part 2 to a post I made about adding a Webflow icon Webflow Logo Icon for mac osx dock

I use Webflow so often and wanted it to be separate from chrome which required workarounds with every other web app generator (fluid, getGCapp). I finally found a solution that creates an isolated Mac app based on a website using chrome as the base with it’s own settings and preferences completely separate from your regular chrome browser.

It’s called Coherence Pro.

While this solution is not free ($9.99) I think it’s worth it to be able to make native Mac apps for any website. I currently made apps for Netflix, amazon, Hulu, HBOgo, Youtube, etc. Super useful! There is also a demo available.

The same company also has a webkit version that doesn’t use chrome but still works with Webflow called Unite. https://www.bzgapps.com/unite. It worked at first for me but I wanted a bit more power so I went for coherence. You can make 5 apps for free! Give it a try!

And if you want a full native experience, download my custom Webflow Yosemite icons here…

If there’s interest, I can make a full tutorial of how this app works!

Happy Webflowing!


@DFink This is very cool thanks for sharing! I had previously tried doing it with Fluid but then gave up when it didn’t work because I didn’t know about Coherence. I will def be giving it a go!

Something else you may like is the Vimium Chrome Extension. For the most part it works with the Webflow editor in Chrome so you can navigate a lot of it using only your keyboard.

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Webflow NEEDS a native app. Figma has this right with the MAC and PC OS apps optional to download. I don’t believe its that difficult. Really makes a huge difference.

Figma is developed to be native, Webflow is not. It’s meant to be a web application and the entire way it works is built on their servers. It’s pretty easy to set up a native like web app on Mac though. I use it every day along side sketch and it works great.

It’s a question of battling with all the inefficiencies of working through a Browser as the client side host platform. A native app would be much easier to optimize and maintain and gives a more reliable user experience.

Regardless, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.