Webflow Logo Icon for mac osx dock

Hey guys, this is more for the creators of Webflow. I am loving your product and really getting used to using it everyday. I only use Chrome for this purpose. I would like to change the Chrome Icon to the W from your logo so its like launching an application with tabs for the creator, forums etc all set up. Could you tell me what font it is in or if that is a secret, could you create an app icon for me and anyone interested to use?


Since my dock is pretty small, just manually did it from the logo until I find a better solution.

My dock now :smiley:

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Haha that’s so awesome! Dedicated Webflow browser. Sounds like a native app to me! :thumbsup:

You can download the Webflow logo HERE. Let me know if that works!

YESSS!!! Thanks so much! You Rock! And by the way, a native app would be amazing down the line to be able to work offline if I were away from internet access. Heres the new screenshot, I think it looks pretty awesome.

Also, If anyone else is on a Mac and wants to set the same thing but actually uses Chrome regularly, I believe you can make a copy of the brower app in the applications folder, rename it Webflow, add the icon and drag it into the dock. Reply here if you need any help doing it. Or I’m the only geek OCD enough to do this, who knows?

Did this same thing just now, thanks for the idea!

Hey everyone,

I decided to revamp the Google Chrome Webflow icon swap and do it correctly, by actually replacing the icon file within the Chrome application after renaming Chrome to Webflow. I think that it will revert back to the stock icon if you update Chrome but you can always just keep the folder I created and change it back to the Webflow icon.

So first, I made the icon fit more in line with the other apps by rounding the edges and adding a drop shadow. Now it looks like this.

I converted it to an icns file and replaced the Chrome icon within the application.
I’ve included a folder that has a shortcut to the location along with the .icns file so you can simply drag and drop and replace. Instructions are also included in the folder, read them carefully.

Also, since this is set up to use on Google Chrome renamed as Webflow, you can have a separate version of Chrome in your Applications folder for general use.

This is mac only by the way.

If you guys have a way for me to host it within the forums, please let me know. But for now, heres my dropbox link.


Dave Finkelstein



If you have a Mac and If you want to create an application shortcut for webflow without hassle (and without having to rename your chrome app), try this :


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That’s a pretty cool idea. I wonder if I could get it to load like the dark gray mockups on webflow.com. The only thing I wonder is, as far as I know, you can’t put a shortcut like that right in the dock can you? I am also gonna look at fluid. That seems awesome.

Thanks for the tip

I can create some icons for you guys. What are the requirements for the OSX dock icon? Oooh yeah!

Not sure if this may set you on the right path -

OSX Icon Guidelines

Hey guys,

So with the transition to Yosemite, a lot of the icons changed so I decided to update the webflow app icon to match.

You can download the .icns file here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6cswtwo23kn8fb4/Webflowicons.zip

The best way to make an app is to use createGcapp https://s3.amazonaws.com/LACRM_blog/createGcApp.dmg

Just make the url https://webflow.com/dashboard/ and where it asks for the icon, just use my new icon file!

You should end up with a nice desktop style webflow app.

Good luck!


Hi all,

Thought I’d take this one step further and wrap Webflow in Electron. Thanks for the inspiration!


Wait, how does this work? Whats Electron?

It’s a framework for building native-like desktop apps with web technologies – http://electron.atom.io

Another cool way to add Webflow to your OS X dock is using https://applicationize.me/now

It creates a Google Chrome App that you then can right click on and add as a shortcut to your main Applications folder. Then you just drag that shortcut over to your dock. Be sure to click “Advanced options” and then you can also add your Webflow icon, set default app color etc.

EDIT: Here’s what it looks like:


So that’s simply a wrapper around the site, right? So no need to worry about updates or anything…