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Build your own Webflow Mac App

Hello webflow-addicts,

just in case you dont know the Mac App “Fluid” ( I wanted to share it with you.

With this little tool you can create mac apps from websites. I use it for three days now for webflow, gmail and accounting. Basically it’s just a browser, which runs your web app in a single window, with an icon of your choice. You’re able to put your Icon in the dock also to switch between your web apps with cmd + tab.

For the use with webflow you will have to pay the 5$ in fact you’ll need the full screen mode. For running webflow without problems, just set the user agent of your new app to “safari 9”.

Hope, some of you’ll like this hint.

Take care


Surprised this post was about to fall off the radar without any responses.

It’s kind of a neat app.

Outlook Web App (OWA) won’t run in it… (it pops out of the windows)
nor will Webflow.

But other websites… such as work well.

I say it’s a neat idea… because it allows you to place the into your desktop
instead “never seeing it” in your browser favorites.

Yes… you could just create a short cut to the website.

But again… it’s a neat idea.

Will I use it? Not sure. But I’ll play with :slightly_smiling:

I tried Fluidapp a couple of times with Webflow but it was somethings that didn’t quite work. Can’t remember what it was now. Maybe they fixed things.

I was to fast praising this little tool for webflow-use. After my enthusiasm has gone I discovered some problems with the drag and drop functionality and just switched back to safari. what a pity.

But for gmail and my accounting it is still usable :smile:


Yes that was the problem I had too.

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