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TTFB very slow - more than 5 seconds

Recently, about a week or two, our webflow site has a super high TTFB, more than 5 seconds. I know it’s your priority to get this as high as possible. I’d like to know what is causing this problem and offcourse, how to fix it. Could you look into this?

The site is located on
The preview link is

PS. We have some scripts running from and also Uploadcare, and some Sketchfab models. Could it be one of these scripts?

Edit: I’ve disabled both and Uploadcare, but the TTFB remains exactly the same. I also removed some embedded video’s en started using the universal Analytics code, but nothing seems to help. Other webflow sites do remain fast, but our own site suffers from severe slowness.

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Hello, we are having the same experience - for about a week or so, the loading times are subjectively much slower.

The live site is at

It is an e-commerce site with over 800 products – but it definitely used to be much faster (almost surprisingly fast!).

I am noticing the slower times since I have implemented the Weblow Search, replacing the previously used SearchIQ. Can there be any connection?

Thank you

Hi Pataka,

I was thinking the same thing. This site is the only one using Webflow Site Search.
Can anybody confirm that there is a problem with Search? And if so, when can we expect it to be fixed, or should we remove search entirely?

OK, after a quick test, it seems to me that indeed, any pages excluded from the search are loading all right, while all pages included are lagging, even though they are not content-heavy…

To help us understand your issue, is this on the very first request after publish? What if you were to reload the same URL again? I’m seeing a 110ms response time for the initial HTML document from SFO.

It is the first item in the waterfall.
Once on disk, the next time you visit i goes much much faster, but pages that are newly visited all have more than 5 seconds waiting… for the first byte if i’m correct.

PS. The homepage is fast, possibly because this page is excluded from search results.

I confirm that once the page is displayed, it loads fast next time - but that can be the cache, right? Each time the page is generated anew, such as new search, or new view of the cms items, it keeps being slow.

@brryant the home-page is fine, it’s practically every other page.
If @Pataka is right, it’s all other pages with site-search enabled that have a +/- 5 second wait time before loading anything.

I have to correct myself… I see now that the “Excluded/Included in Search” tick doesn’t seem to be the direct cause. For example, I have only included the Product Template into the search, to exclude any occurencies on higher-level pages (such as overviews of product categories showing featured products). These higher-level catalogue pages are ticked “Exclude”. Yet, they load slowly, too.

So, my current observation would be: any (newly generated) page that contains CMS items indexed for search loads slow (as @brryant rightly says, cca 5 seconds till it renders).

To confirm: it is not simply ANY page containing any CMS items that loads slow; there are pages with CMS content that load without the delay.

Would this make any sense to the developers who know how the Search works?

@icexuick @Pataka Hi all - we’ve identified an issue in our code that is causing rendering delays in some cases, and are working on pushing a fix within the next hour. I’ll update this post when it’s complete, and hoping to get a confirmation from you once the fix is deployed. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

(Currently, we do not suspect that this is related to having Site Search on your site, as we’ve been able to reproduce on sites that do not have it enabled.)

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Having this over here on my end too.

@Pataka @Cameron_Johnson @icexuick Can you try now? It should be a lot more snappy to load. However, if you’re still seeing long TTFB times, can you please send us the URL to a page that is slow after publish? Thank you!


I will. Looks a lot better already! Thanks for the quick reply and fix(es)!!


@callmevlad Here too - everything seems to be back to the previous lightning speed! Thank you very much!!

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