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TTFB - Lets talk about it

Now I know that this has been discussed many times (i’ve read all of the announcements and im aware of the infrastructure)

I’m not here to fart on Webflow as I love the Dahm platform. It’s changed my whole business and way of working…

…BUT the TTFB on the cms hosting is beginning to become an issue.

I just want to ask, is there anything besides optimization we can do (as designers/developers) to improve the TTFB?

Im tired of leaving board meetings defending Webflow like it’s my misunderstood wife.

Should I remove all the animations? Avoid using sliders?

It’s so awkward loading up some sites on fast broadband when the director is right behind me…

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2


like what…? it even beat google ps but … 5 seconds?

Please offer any advice so I can go back with fire… All I here is AMP AMP…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I’m seeing good performance on the site you mentioned.

Bumped up for interest in this topic. Anyone?

Hi thanks for your post. I am also seeing the similar results as @jdesign, I show a ttfb of about 105ms:

Could you please let me know what location in the world you are in when you are browsing?

Thanks in advance