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Site search loads slowly when using new search parameters

Site speed is back up.
Great work Webflow team - thanks for this!!

Unfortunately, site search is still very slow. If nothing is found, it’s blazing fast, if you enter a search you searched before, it also very fast, but new searches take a very long time, sometimes even more than 10 seconds.

Any idea what this might be?

Hi @icexuick thanks for the heads up. I’m happy to help look into this.

Can you give me a link to your site?

I’ll be standing by for your response. :slight_smile:
It’s not always consistent - sometimes new searches happen fast(er), but some still take 5-10 seconds t load. Hope you can find out what this is.

Hi @icexuick. Thanks for letting us know about this – we’re actually preparing for this right now. We are working on an under-the-hood improvement that will increase the scalability of the feature. We’re on the last leg of development and hoping to release it in the next two weeks.

I’ll check in with you when it gets released to make sure this slow behavior isn’t happening anymore.


Is faceted searching part of the improvements? That would be amazing.

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@pixelcactus not yet :grimacing: Make sure to add it to the wishlist though!

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I wish this was coming in two weeks too, maybe our wish will come true, but don’t hold your breath

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