Very slow TTFB on first view

The TTFB on product pages (not using webflow ecommerce) is 6+ seconds on first view. The the pages load quickly once they’re on disk, and this is only happening on pages which reference multiple collections (6-7 collections). We’re using the Shopify Buy Button SDK and’s API.

Page example:
The preview link is:

What is causing the slow TTFB times, and is there any way to improve it?

For starters fix your Script implementation. jQuery is loaded before the Body close area on webflow, not the head.

Also implementing a swap method (src -> data-src) with JS for Lazysizes won’t work. Browser already started downloading images before your script will kick in.

Also review your console. Clean that stuff up and I will return to take a look.

Thanks for your reply @webdev!

I disabled most of the scripts and cleaned up the errors in console, but am still getting high TTFBs. The only thing that seemed to speed up the times was removing the referenced collections from the page.

Is this something we just need to work around?

Looks better. You are using a shopify and stamped, and those scripts are a big contributor to your page load speed.

There are strategies that I would probably implement to mitigate the impact. Really depends on your visitor and devices, percent on mobile networks and the like. Things like deferring the cart load on the home page unless a cookie was set (added something to a cart) for example. Squeaking out max performance and conversions is hard work and time consuming. It can provide a HUGE ROI if you have the traffic.

BTW: That is a sweet looking product. I just build four Adirondacks out of thick EPI and those would have been helpful in the wood-shop! bookmarked :).

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Definitely! The products are really helpful in the shop with anything that requires consistency.

I did some heavy testing isolating variables and found that the biggest contributor to the high TTFBs was the “Specifications” section. Removing it brought the times down from ~6s to ~2s. My guess is that it’s due to the collection referencing a number of other products?

Next, were the other collections. Reducing them from 7 to 2 brought times down to < 1s.

Shopify and Stamped are running on every page of the site to keep the cart running. The other pages load fairly quickly and removing the scripts sped up the TTFB by a negligible amount. They are increasing complete page load times, however it doesn’t seem like they’re having a significant impact on the TTFB.

There was another post saying that dynamic collection pages are published flat, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Is there anything else that can be done besides reducing the number of collections?

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