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Trying to Link Blog Content To Dynamic Field

Hi, I’m using a template and trying to connect a dynamic item to a different Collection and wondered if I’m doing it right! The Dynamic Item was previously linked to the Portfolio collection (default for the template) but I don’t have a portfolio so I want to set it to the Blog collection, which will have regular content added.

I managed to unlink the previous connection from Portfolio and thought that would allow me to change the Dynamic List Settings>Collection>(drop down menu)Blog Posts…which it did, BUT it created a new Dynamic Item right below the previous one, like a duplicate, which I did not want.

I then changed the next field in the Settings list to Limit Items>Start at: 1>Limit to: 1. This removed the duplicate box but I’m just not sure if this is the right way to do it?? I’m concerned I may have found a workaround but not done this whole thing properly.

The reason I’m asking for help is: I am wondering if I’ve unlinked the previous collection correctly, and changed to the new collection correctly so that I can display blog content in future - can anyone help me?

Thank you so much in advance!


Hello, Happy (@harrymakeywebsite).

I think you are talking about dynamic lists on the home page.
And I would say you did everything correct.

It looks like, by the design, there are 2 different styles of portfolio projects: featured (big square) and recent (small squares).
If your blog-posts doesn’t have a switch “featured” in the Collection structure, then by default it will show all lists of blog-posts there. So you can use Limitation settings and limit that list to show the 1 blog-post.
Note: do not forget to check sorting settings for the dynamic list for be sure what exactly post will be showed.

Same story with setting “recent posts” (small squares). There you will want to limit dynamic list to 4 blog-posts, because of how design made.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Anna

Thanks for your response, that makes a lot of sense! I did wonder how the blocks would order my blog content so I will check the sorting settings next.

I managed to get some help from the theme developer as well, Rowan Hartsuiker who was really helpful and I would highly recommend his themes to anyone who might need support in the future.


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