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Problem with blog posts linking

Hi, I have added a blog collection and added it to a new page I named “blog”. I designed some content to house the dynamic blog posts BUT they are not linking to the actual individual blog posts pages. I took a look at the example demo blog theme but I can’t figure it out.

Here is the preview link to the site:

A couple of things you haven’t created any links in your dynamic list. You need to add links and use the settings panel to tell it to get the link from your collection.

You also need to design your collection template page. Otherwise it wont display anything.

Hope this helps :smile:


I went back and watched the video. It did not show how to do it but the written info did help a little. I learned how to make sections clickable but the bottom line is the links are going to a page that doesn’t exist… although they blog pages should be there. I have two sample posts. I am really puzzled. I hope that someone can take a look at the blog page and the posts on there and see what’s going on.

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You styled “list of items” (list of blogposts), but you has nothing on blogpost template. It is dynamic page, where you make structure and style how content will look like. Same like you would do with static page.


I don’t understand why I need that. The guy on the video said the template was one of two ways to place blog posts on a page. He didn’t seem to indicate it was a requirement.

Oh… I think a light bulb is coming on now. Even though I created the posts, I didn’t create the design for them. Duh. I don’t know why this has been so hard for me.

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Right, there is the place where is your creativity can work.

It would have been a lot easier had the guy in the video not skipped over crucial steps.

I ran into this same problem, but your conversation here has enlightened me on the subject. Thanks!