Connecting Blog Collections

Hi guys

I’m looking for some help with collection lists and blogs. I might be missing something obvious, but when I try to connect up my blog collection list to link through to the correct blog post via a button, each collection takes me to the same blog.

On the homepage I have the news feed with a title and image of the blog and you click to read more button to read the full blog, however, each button takes me to the same blog and I don’t know why?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Admittedly, I haven’t spent much time looking through but I think the issue is because on the Blog Posts Template page you have specified dynamic items using collection lists.

On this page, you may design the page and select an element to become dynamic and it will draw it from the related blog post. For example, you can just go ahead and put a title on the page and when you select that title you can go to Settings and ‘Get text from Blog Posts’ and specify the field there instead of creating a new collection each time to get a dynamic item.

The way you have it setup at the moment is trying to read from the CMS collection, and to stop a large list of elements you’ve limited the view to just 1, starting at 1. This means every time you view this page you’ll see the same thing.

Remove your collections, and when you have the layout as you want it then start attaching each element to your fields.