Trouble with rich text element styling

Full disclosure: I just don’t get it.

So in a Section, I add a Container.

In said Container I add a Rich Text element.

In that, I have an H2 Heading, followed by a Paragraph

I want to edit the Paragraph so I thought I’d select that Paragraph element… then add classes to distinguish it from other Paragraph elements throughout the site. But instead of the list of blue class boxes, or the ability to create a new blue class box, I’m told to select an HTML Tag (a magenta box). In this case, I only have 1 choice: “All Paragraphs”.

Then I can also select a class “When nested inside of” where 1 of my created classes are.

Clearly I’m unclear on all of the above classes, tags, nested classes, etc. Can someone point me to an article or video to help me sort this out?

TIA for any guidance.

PS: the stuff I do learn about webflow is inspiring. Love it.

Look into these, might help.

If you need further assistance, make sure to share your read-only link.
Cheers mate :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much, Puneeth_AR.

I’m afraid I’m still stumped when checking responsiveness. I go to the mobile breakpoint where I have a Rich Text Box. The heading is H2 when I highlight the text, which is too large at this breakpoint. But if I change the font size here, it also changes the heading in the other breakpoint views. I thought it would only affect at this breakpoint.

If I select the heading’s Bold Text element, I only have the purple “All Bolds” tag which I can’t change, or add another distinguishing class. Same thing if I select the “H2 Heading 2” element.

How can I only affect this heading (and other rich text ‘sub-elements’)? without also affecting those elements in the wider breakpoints? Maybe I should use a regular paragraph instead of a heading?


Updated Share

I’m referring to the H2 heading under the photo that begins “Dolores Claman, composer of the Hockey Night in Canada Theme…”. It’s fine on the base breakpoint, but when moving to Mobile Portrait or even Mobile Landscape, the heading is way too large.

I thought if I went to Mobile view, and changed the font size of the heading to something smaller, it wouldn’t affect the larger breakpoint views. But it does. And I can’t add a modifying class to create a combo class because it’s a Global Tag. I think :grin:

Maybe it’s cuz I shouldn’t be using a Rich Text element this way, and I should just be adding regular Text and Paragraph elements.

Thanks very much Puneeth_AR. You’re absolutely right… it does work. Maybe I was selecting an element other than what I thought I was selecting.

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One more question if I may… I’m in the smallest breakpoint and making changes to the NavBar. The Home page is updated, but the other pages aren’t. The only difference I see is the Home page has a green item in the Selector field called “Current”, the other pages don’t (screen grabs below).

What is that green class? I can’t remove it, or add it to the other pages.

This Home page is OK:

The header on the other pages are different:

Thank you again.


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