Styling Rich Text fields for breakpoints

Hi! I’m struggling a bit with setting, for example, different H3 Heading styles for different breakpoints when nested within a Rich Text Field class.

So, I’m following the webflow best practices for creating customer classes exclusive to the Rich Text Field, but, unlike regular classes, where you can then set overrides for different breakpoints, I’m not seeing the same functionality available for classes nested within Rich Text Fields.

If I create the nested classes at the Desktop breakpoint, then switch to, for example, the tablet view and make a change to the nested class, it applies to all breakpoints.

Can someone help me with this? I can’t imagine that the Webflow team didn’t think of this, otherwise it would make Rich Text Fields pretty much useless for responsive design - which is one of their main value props. So I’m just missing something here.

Thanks for your help!


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