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How to alter h1 color in a dynamic page's rich text block?


How do I alter the header text color within a rich text block that is dynamically driven (CMS)?
I was able to do this to the paragraph text below it in the right-hand panel editor on the page - but the header text seems untouchable.

How do I “activate” to make that edit?

Thank you!

Hi @Tine22,

For style ANY object inside the Rish text element, connected to CMS, you will have to apply same class to the static Rich text element. There you will be able manipulate and style all “parts”. I usually temporary adding new rich text, style all what I need and then delete it.

More information you can find here:


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I created a new static page and dragged the Rich Text Block to the page. Then, I selected the overall container and named it richTextBlock. - Now, as the tutorial suggests, I went to click the H2 heading tag within this rich text block container but I am not getting the “Nest selector inside of” option at all. It just gives me the blank selector field for H2.
Why isn’t this working for me? - I need to style CMS based text styles that are inside a dynamic template.

Thank you.

Why, also, is my rich text block element NOT centered on the page so that I have white space to the left & right as in all the tutorials? Mine is spanning the entire screen window so if I attempt to add a bulleted list I cannot even see the controls in that ‘+’ icon in order to implement?

Thank you!

OK, for the centering aspect, I found that if I first drag a container onto the page and then insert my rich text block into there, that gives me the margins I needed in order to use the bulleted list tool.

I still need an answer as to why Nest Selector Inside of is not showing up at all when I select any of the header tags within the Rich Text Block. Any ideas?

Here is the clear answer (in baby steps) as to how to get this to display the “Nest Selector Inside of”…as it is unclear in the movie tutorial.
After you give a class name to your Rich Text Block container on the page:

You select an individual element within the rich text block, for example, the h2 tag… you then see the Add Selector & blank field in the right hand panel.

Yes, you still click the little plus icon in the blue square to add a new class. Now, the name in the purple box will appear! Click it to select it.

It is only now that the “Nest Selector Inside” becomes available. Click it, and now you may use the panels below to style out the element as needed.

To apply this to a dynamically generated web page, open that page (meaning, not in the CMS editor, but on the screen so you are viewing it as a proper web page). - Select the Rich Text Block on the page, and now click the pencil (edit) icon in the panel at the right… sift through the list of class names to find the one you had assigned that Rich Text Block to begin with. Once you do that, the styles you intentionally set up will apply to the layout.

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