Rich text not styling tags

Hi. Extremely fresh n00b here. Just trying to follow the 21 days course. Hit a snag.

When I create this Rich Text area and get the text from Projects, it just pulls in the text with the various html tags in the text - not as code elements to be styled.

Assume theres something simple i’ve missed/done wrong - but finding it hard to search for this specific issue…

Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - X332LY

In the collections (where the text lives) you have to use the rich text assignment in the interface rather than adding it with tags. So highlight your H2 copy and a little popup appears allowing you to assign “H2”

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I was coming here to say the same

It should look like this

(If copying from word or google docs, make sure you are using the correct heading, paragraph, link etc structure there)

aha! that sort of works. I tried that in the first instance - but selecting just a portion of the text and then choosing H2 from the popup made all of the text H2, not just the selected text. So all the text is massive.

I assumed that meant something was broken with it, but if I then select all the text I dont want to be massive and turn off ‘H2’ on it, it goes back to a p.

Weird that it makes all the text in the area the massive size regardless of what you select in the first instance, but i’ve found a workaround (hope its helpful for anyone else getting this issue too)