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Trouble with Nav Bar Interaction

Hi. I think I may have the same issue. Any word on this?

Hi @joe, could you help to describe your current issue with the navbar interaction? A read-only link to the site will help:

If you have screenshots, that will help also, or a screencast of how the interaction is not working correctly.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Dave!

I"m having trouble with two sites on my my nav bar interactions, but maybe helping one will give me a clue as to the issue of the other.

In this site, the nav bar only appears from some users: when a browser window is too wide, (like for example, when they’re browsing fullscreen on an iMac) the nav bar fails to ever dropdown on scroll.

Any idea what that is?

Just bumping this up to the top, as it’s driving me crazy and I would love someone else’s take on it.

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